Guest Prep for Wedding Season

Kristin Rodin

Wedding season will be here before you know it, and whether it’s your first wedding or your 50th, here are essential guest etiquette tips to prepare you for every celebration!

RSVP is a must

Whether you receive a physical or digital invitation, make sure to pay attention to the details so you aren’t caught off guard! Don’t invite a plus one without confirming via invite and reach out to your prospective partner sooner rather than later to ensure there’s an accurate headcount. Perhaps most important of all, make sure you RSVP on time – it’ll be one less headache for the couple to deal with when planning.

Dress code

Most invitations or wedding websites will include dress code details for the occasion. While you can expect to see the usual do and don’ts, you should also consider the kind of event you’ll be attending. When planning your outfit, you might consider the location, weather, time of day, level of formality, and cultural norms or expectations. Lighter colors are generally better suited for daytime events and darker, more formal styles for evenings. When in doubt, just ask someone from the wedding party.

Mind your manners

There’s no “fashionably late” when it comes to weddings. Arriving late to the ceremony or reception can be considered highly disrespectful to the wedding party’s preparation and the couple’s celebration. A good rule of thumb is to be 20 minutes early from the time listed on the invitation. 

Aside from being on time, also limit your tech use. As a guest, it’s important to be present in the moment and not be glued to your phone. Greet and congratulate the couple, socialize with friends and other guests, and appreciate the fun moments.

Don't forget the gift

It’s a celebration after all! Whether they’ve opted for a traditional or unique wedding registry, check the details and abide by the couple’s wishes. If they ask guests to avoid certain gifts, there’s a good reason for it. You should also keep in mind you’re celebrating both the bride and groom, not one or the other. If their registry has already been fulfilled, stick to monetary gifts paired with a congratulatory card. 

It might not seem like much, but proper wedding guest etiquette can go a long way. Acting with consideration can strengthen your relationships and make the celebration far more enjoyable for everyone involved.