Games For Everyone

It is growing in popularity to add fun activities or games for your wedding guests as well as for the bride and groom to participate in. These fun additions can add a special and unique twist on the expected proceedings for the day. Adding these activities to not only the reception but to the intercession between it and the ceremony, or even before, when the guests arrive, can create fun memories before and after you say “I do.”. 

Guess the Dress

Printing out the silhouette of the female figure and placing it on the seats of your wedding guest with a pencil can add a fun and entertaining activity for wedding guests of all ages to participate in while they are waiting for the start of the ceremony. Adding a prize to be won during the reception for who guessed the closest could be a fun way to kick things off, especially if the bride is the judge. 

The Send Off!

The send off tunnel for the newly weds to parade down as they are leaving the reception is still a fun tradition that many brides enjoy incorporating into their plans. Although the tradition started with throwing rice, that has lessened in popularity for a number of reasons. That lessening has allowed brides to get creative on what the guests will throw or hold as they exit. Some of the ideas that have risen in popularity have included bird seed, cut leaves, sparklers, and bubbles. 

All of these options offer great photo opportunities that will capture the fun wedding ceremony and reception that you will look fondly back on for years to come.