Many people choose to honeymoon in one of the many popular hot spots such as Italy, Hawaii or Disney World. Yet there are so many other places that offer pure romance that simply aren’t mentioned enough!  Below are three of the most underrated honeymoon destinations.

Tanna Island, Vanuatu

The small island of Tanna has an active volcano that has been slowly erupting for several hundred years. Mount Yasur is available for hiking. Aside from the volcano, the island also boasts beautiful beaches, quaint treehouses and other unique accommodations.

This small village is often overlooked by tourists, but there is so much to do. The water off the coast of Mauritius is sparkling blue with loads of things to do. You and your sweetheart can snorkel or scuba dive in crystal clear coral reefs, try lots of delicious food and even go for a submarine excursion. The accommodations in Grand Baie offer some unique and romantic options. The village has cottages, beach bungalows and many others available for rental.

Grand Baie, Mauritius

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The most populated city in South America has so much to offer.  There are several beaches within an hour drive of the city.  São Paulo also offers popular shopping destinations such as the Mercado Municipal de São Paulo, or the Municipal Market of São Paulo. The market is connected to Rua 25 de Março, or the 25th of March Street, which is one of the largest, and most diverse, shopping centers in the country.