Setting The Mood Down The Aisle

The aisle is the where the bride makes her grand appearance before she says, “I do,” so the aisle should be decorated to set the stage. Depending on the theme and colors of the wedding, the possibilities are many.


Antique lanterns or candles create a gorgeous ambiance especially for a wedding.  Line up the lights along the aisle and the bride is sure to shine as she makes her way to the front.  Tie ribbon or burlap to add more color and interest.

Gathering and draping tulle from seat to seat down the aisle would create a pretty cloud-like scene. Twinkle lights could even be folded into the tulle to add subtle shimmer.

Seasonal Wreaths
Decorate small wreaths to fit the theme of the wedding and time of year. Flowers for an outdoor wedding in spring or summer, orange leaves in the fall with turquoise ribbon, or red berries and evergreen branches for winter would add just the right touch

Natural Materials
For an outdoor wedding, using natural materials would be perfect. Put a small tree stump at the end of each row with a vase and flowers or a candle on top–easy! You could also sprinkle flower petals or fall leaves down the aisle or create a design with them.

Vases or Glass Jars
Collect vases, glass jars, or wine bottles in the months leading up to the wedding. These can be lined up along the seating and filled with pebbles and flowers. Ribbon or raffia would be additional ways to dress them up.