Nothing makes your wedding day more memorable than having the people you love the most by your side; especially your closest friends.  They have been with you in good times and bad, so it’s only natural that you want to ask them to stand by your side on the big day.  There are so many unique ways to propose to your bridesmaids, so regardless of whatever route you choose to take, they will cherish that moment because it came from the heart!  

Here’s a few ideas to help you create the best proposal for your special gals!

⦁ Invite them to dinner and propose over a nice meal
⦁ Ask them through a puzzle
⦁ Design custom goodies (This can be a keychain, t-shirt, dress hanger, shot glass, or even a bottle of wine!)
⦁ Gift them sweet treats (cookies, macarons, cupcakes)
⦁ Use a simple invitation card
⦁ or a scratch-off card (like a lotto ticket)
⦁ Pop a balloon that has the question inside (and add some confetti too!)