Since March, weddings have been canceled, postponed or rearranged.  Couples have had to get creative in saying “I do.” We want to help you feel safe, prepared, and anxious-free when planning the big day.  The CDC and WHO regularly update their sites regarding restrictions and provide the best advice for wedding parties. 
Here are a few suggestions to ensure your wedding runs smoothly.

Think positively!
   Remember that this won’t last forever. Things may be different, but when the party begins again, people will not miss out on     an opportunity to attend another wedding. We will always celebrate love, happiness, and new chapters long after COVID.
Get excited!
   More than likely venues will be reinventing typical ceremonies. Things like extra precautions in new styles of catering, hand       sanitation stations, more out-door options with more cooling technologies. These are all little things that will make a big            difference in the future.
   Contact your vendors. Make sure they are aware of the decisions being made, more importantly. Make sure they are on the         same page as you and want to follow along on this journey.
   That being said, vendors are small businesses that need your support! Don’t cancel- work an accommodating schedule that         fits both you and your vendor’s needs.
   Think about your guest, this one may be tough. If there are rules and regulations to follow, address the problem with your           guest. This can be done on your wedding website, through the mail, email, text, etc. Creating a communication platform             between you and your guest will make things less stressful for both of you.
   Pick a new date that is further enough in advance and do what’s right for YOU. Your guest will understand the complications    of the situation and support you through it.
   Consider a small wedding now, and celebrating with a large reception later down the road. This allows for an intimate                 celebration, and something to look forward too in the future as well.
   Think about virtual watching for your guest via Facebook Live, a videographer… offer your guest an alternative if they cannot     be a part of your special day.
Have fun!
   You can still have all the fun planning for your wedding- creating inspo. and mood boards, designing new DIY projects,               thinking of new ways to incorporate social distancing (if it’s required)
   Most importantly, let yourself be sad and grieve. It is OK to be upset about changing and rethinking everything you were             looking forward to your entire life. It is important to voice your feelings and feel the support of others. (They were probably       looking forward to your big day with you)
   If you had a date planned or day in mind and it has suddenly changed. CELEBRATE THAT DATE! That date is still special         and has meaning full behind it, even though it is not what you thought it would look like. Take the time to do something             special with your significant other.

Congratulations on your upcoming ceremony!  With these helpful insights your wedding will still be everything you’d hoped for!  Reach out to others for feedback who have had to make wedding changes if need more guidance.  At the end of the day, these set-backs and challenges will make your event more magical than you ever would’ve imagined! Xoxo