Food Truck Pizzaz!

By Zoe Metcalf

Do you want to host your family and friends to an event that captures and conveys your unique vibe?   Do you have a favorite Food Truck that you and your Beloved frequent?  Then, this is the time to introduce them to your event while providing a bit of tasty whimsy to the reception.  

Depending on the type of event you’re planning, the Food Truck may or may not be the main dish.  In other words, for a full dinner, it might be best to make traditional catering arrangements.  Adding a Food Truck component to the cocktail hour, post-dinner, or during the after-party period might then be the perfect “surprise” touch for the day.

Some of the most creative ways to involve a food truck in your event center around dessert.  Many couples are deciding against a traditional wedding cake, and are offering unique dessert options instead. How about a custom ice-cream sandwich truck?  A donut truck?  A frozen gourmet Popsicle truck?  Those are all available in our area and more than likely in most sizeable cities anywhere you choose to have your reception.   

Have you looked into providing a gourmet beverage truck?  There are several creative people providing everything from specialty coffees and teas to refreshing cocktails or mocktails.  This is always a fun option because it brings a light touch to your event without the pressure of all the food coming from that one source.

Finally, offering guests a hearty snack after an evening filled with dancing and merrymaking would be the perfect ending for your reception!  Consider providing trucks that offer street tacos, burritos, BBQ, or sliders that easily satisfy and provide the perfect little hand-held nosh to go with guests’ last call.

Whether you decide to feature one or several food trucks, relying on them for the entire food and beverage offering or just a single component, incorporating local cuisine into your reception plan is just one more way to bring a little pizzaz to your wedding!