By Victoria Jaurrieta

When it comes to your wedding invitations, details are truly critical in taking your invite to the next level.  Just how do you entice your guests to check the box YES! Well, it is certainly more than selecting a design  Here are some ways you can accessorize these invites to completely elevate them!

woman hold sealed envelopes. invitation envelope with ribbon and wax seal, gift certificate, wedding invitation card

Belly bands!

These belly bands are twofold because not only do they organize all of the papers, but they add a new design element to your invitation.

Wax seals

You know like that traditional way people use to seal envelopes? Yeah, well, that is back and here to stay because unlike just taping your envelope shut, the wax seal will make your guest feel like your wedding is like no other!


By adding just a twist of ribbon, it adds another color and texture to your overall invitation.  Honestly, doesn’t ribbon on anything just make it look prettier?

Vellum overlay

Oh my goodness! This is an absolute favorite thing to see on any wedding invitation.  This translucent overlay poses as a mysterious window to get your guests asking “What’s beneath?”

Woman preparing invitations for wedding on white wooden table, panorama
Woman with a wedding invitation card

Envelope liners

Liners come in many colors and designs that sit in the inside wall of the envelope to give a minimal yet gorgeous effect.  Definitely an accessory worth trying out.


If you are wanting to add a personalized touch to your envelopes, try brushing up on your calligraphy writing skills.  Once you mastered it, let your new talent shine and write it yourself in this beautiful font.