The Send Off

Coco Dietz

“And they Lived Happily Ever After”

One tradition that many people have taken and adapted to fit their unique wedding styles is that of the send off. At the end of the reception after all the dancing, cake cutting, and general merriment all the guests line up outside and give the newly weds a loving send off into their honeymoon. Originally the guests would toss rice onto the couple as they walked past to symbolize fertility and prosperity as well wishes for the couple’s future together. Although sending off the couple into their new life together is not a new tradition, the throwing of rice has faded away and been replaced with more creativity. Here are some common ideas for you and your fiance to consider for your wedding! 


If you choose to have your wedding reception after dark this might be a fun send off to consider! Not only would this light up your evening but the pictures from this moment will have you relive this moment for years to come.

Flower Petals:

A more classic idea that might fit brides who are choosing to have their receptions during the day time so the pictures will be better suited to your time frame. This might be more in line with your style of wedding if you are wanting a more classic and romantic feel.


No matter what time of day it is, bubbles would be a fun idea that your guests would be sure to love. Not only would the pictures be so much fun but the added whimsey to the day will have everyone enjoying the last moments of the reception.


If you want to go out with a bang then this might be the send off idea for you. Getting confetti poppers for your guests to shower over you as you leave might be a really fun idea. This would add so much excitement into those final moments of the night that will be sure to stick in everyone’s memory.