5 Things That Change Once You're Hitched

By Raenesha Spurs


After you get married, life is just getting started.  Really?  Yes, really.  There are many things your new union will affect — from your last name, to your spending habits, to your daily routine.  Now is the time to strap in for the ride because here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind after you say, “I do”!

  1. You’re now a teammate.  Everything that you would normally do alone you now have a partner to consider.  You’re not only working for yourself to be successful, you’re working for you both to be successful.  By working as a team, you now can help one another reach goals.  Approaching challenges may look a little different because it’s important to take your spouse’s feelings into account.
  2. Once you’re married you have “your person”!  Being in love is a scary thing but trust your new mate enough to take the leap of faith.  Meaning you now have someone to try new experiences with.  Actually, you’ll likely be more open to trying new things.
  3. You will have unavoidable awkward conversations.  “They” always say  communication is key to a solid relationship.  Marriage is no different—in fact, communication is doubly important now that your lives are joined together.  It’s important you and you partner talk about those weird and uncomfortable topics.  So learn what works best for you two and get comfortable being uncomfortable. 

4. Money management will also be a game changer.  As a married couple,  you become one unit.  That means you also will more than likely blend your finances.  You’ll now have to think of money as “ours” instead of “mine”. Talk with your spouse about finances prior to the big day so you can evaluate your spending and other money things.  There will be surprises along the way (i.e. “You bought a boat?”), but, realize it will be a life long conversation, not a “one and done” kind of thing. 

5. And believe it or not, your social life will also look different.  Most couples once married want to spend every second with each other.  You may not reach out and spend quality time with your girlfriends as much as you did before but this doesn’t mean you will lose your friends.  Your friends will begin to understand you’re getting adjusted to a different lifestyle with your new spouse. 

Marriage will change your perspective on life and how you may view everyday things. Nothing will be the same but all that matters is that you’re now married to your person. Together—saying again—TOGETHER  you will conquer those challenges.