Duties of a Bridesmaid

Bridesmaids hold great value to the bride on her wedding day.  They have several obligations which ensure the day goes smoothly and play a key role before and during the wedding!  Bride’s choose their closest friends and/or family to stand beside them on their special day because they love and trust them.  They know the day will be better and things will get done! 
There are many upsides to being part of the wedding.  However, you are usually expected to pay for your own dress, pay for pre wedding festivities and make sure to find time to help with certain wedding plans.  These can be time consuming and expensive but, if you ask any bridesmaid, the smile and happiness you bring to a couple is well worth it.  We have compiled a list of the average duties designed for a bridesmaid.        

Assist in Planning the Wedding

This can range from researching venues, choosing a dress, picking decor and anything else the bride wants input on. 

Assist in Decorating

Decorating for the ceremony and reception.

Attend Rehearsal Dinner and Reception

Be present and help direct family, friends and other guests as well as lend a hand if needed.

Assist with Errands on the Wedding Day

Drive to a nearby store to grab snacks, drinks, or mascara or pick up the cake, dress, or possibly even family flying into town.

Assist with Hair and Make Up

If the bride hasn’t hired a professional, help check her make up and assure her there are no base lines or smears and that she is picture perfect!

Assist with Bridal Shower & Pre-Wedding Parties

Help plan bridal showers and any pre wedding parties such as the bachelorette party.

Assist with Table Decor & DIY Projects

Help with DIY projects if needed and all decorations for dinner and gift tables as well as the guest sign in table. 

Assist with Wedding Favors

Figure out what the couple can give to their guests as a thank you for being there to celebrate their special day.

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