Destination Wedding or Not?

By Raenesha Spurs

Congratulations on your engagement!  Now it’s time to start your wedding planning.  All those dreams you had when you were a little girl?  Getting married on a sunny beach or in a meadow on the top of a mountain, or even in the little chapel down that country road—the possibilities are endless.  Maybe we can help  narrow down your options by combing through the pros and cons of having a destination wedding. 

Pros –

You get a 2-in-1 wedding and honeymoon.  The best part of a destination wedding is the destination!  After your big day you can enjoy some of the amenities the resort might have to offer.  This means you can avoid having to plan another trip for your honeymoon wherever your destination wedding may be. 

When you book at a resort you can get an all-inclusive package for your event. Resorts normally have specials available for wedding parties.  Wherever you go, it’s smart to hire a travel agent/wedding coordinator.  Most resorts provide a wedding coordinator meaning you really don’t have to plan very much at all! 

The most important people will come to the wedding making it smaller/intimate. Not all weddings have to be huge; small weddings are just as special.  If you’re looking to avoid worrying about inviting your 3rd cousin removed on your mom’s side, then a destination wedding might help solve that dilemma. 

Cons –

Not everyone will be able to come. Truth be told, destination weddings do cost guests more than traditional weddings.  This can make it hard for all of your family and friends to make it there.  If you’re planning to invite a lot of people, give your guests at least a 9-12 month notice to make arrangements. 

Food and drinks will still cost the same amount. There will still be people to feed for events such as a welcome party or rehearsal dinner.  Ask your wedding coordinator for catering suggestions or dinner deals at the resort.  Many times this is included in the package you purchase.

Your family is now on your honeymoon.  While you are still in paradise basking in your new union, you now have your mom, dad, aunts and uncles on your honeymoon trip.  This doesn’t have to be a complete downer.  More than likely, they will want to explore different areas and do different things than you will be doing.  While they may be close by, let’s hope they make separate plans!