How Sweet It Is - The Dessert Table

By Allison Rodriguez

Are you and your fiancé looking for ways to create an unforgettable menu for your guests?  Let’s face it:  everyone loves sweets, but for those who have been to a crazy amount of weddings, traditional cake may be slightly… boring.  When looking to step out of the status quo, consider these additions to your dessert menu!


If you still like the idea of eating cake on your wedding day, but want to get a little bit more creative, try cupcakes!  Cupcakes are a great cost-saving option because brides can calculate exactly how many they need, making little to no waste at the end of the night.  Guests also love them because of their grab and go convenience!

Macaron Tower

If you want your wedding to scream glamour and elegance, look no further than a macaron tower.  These small cookies from France will give your guests something extra to nibble on after hours on the dance floor without feeling too full.  Of course, the best part about macarons may be their photogenic quality.  

Mousse Cups

If you’ve never had a dessert in one bite, it is an experience like no other.  Mousse cups are excellent because they are both enjoyable and customizable.  Try creating bride and groom flavor options or even incorporate layers into your cups; your guests will appreciate the effort.

Variety Table

If you simply can’t decide on one dessert option or you know your family has a major sweet tooth, a variety table may be just what you’re looking for!  By choosing a little of everything you love, you’ll truly have everything you desire.  The best way to choose what desserts to include? Go on a dessert tasting date with your husband-to-be and create sugar-filled memories you will never forget.

These are some of our favorites……now, go taste some sweets!