By Madison Rodriguez

Wedding centerpieces can be one of the most breathtaking elements of a wedding reception, but it can also be one of the most expensive.  However, there are ways to have stunning centerpieces without breaking the bank.  With this guide, you will be able to create unique centerpieces by yourself without spending hundreds of dollars!

fruit centerpieces

Fruit Fixtures

Fruit is among the most beautiful in nature, so why not incorporate them in your wedding centerpieces?  All you need is a vase with some citrus halves inside- and voila!  The perfect lemon, grapefruit, or orange combination to naturally sugar up your reception tables.  For even more detail, you could add your flower of choice on top of the fruit vase.


No one wants their big day to be rocky, unless it means having geodes as your wedding centerpieces!  These rocks are the perfect contemporary twist to any reception table.  You could even get a metallic marker to label different table numbers on top of the geode.

ndian Geodes Geode.
greenery in glass vases

Gorgeous Greenery

Everyone will be impressed with the sage green combination of succulents and garland on your wedding tables.  The garland draped across your tables will give your wedding a sleek and rustic look.  Customizing the succulents is also an amazing way to send home a gift for your loved ones as a token of appreciation for them celebrating your special day!

Waterlily Wedding Vase

If large or elaborate centerpieces are not your cup of tea, try something as simple as a waterlily vase. First, put some water in the glass container of your choice.  Then, add a pure white waterlily to make a creative centerpiece that will leave your wedding guests astonished by a natural beauty as breath-taking as love itself.

purple water lily vase

If you are stressing about finding the most sublime way to decorate your reception tables, fear not!  Use these few centerpiece ideas, and your impeccable and cost-efficient centerpieces will be the talk of the town.