By Madison Rodriguez

The color scheme at your wedding is very important to most brides, and that decision can be very confusing.  With that being said, there is nothing that a bit of planning and creativity can’t fix.  Check out our suggestions on summer wedding color schemes that are popular in 2022.

blush pink and sage green wedding color scheme summer 2022

Blush Pink and Sage Green

For those that are looking for a non-traditional, but complementary color combination, blush pink and sage green are the way to go.  This color scheme doesn’t just look like a peony, it is as pretty as one too!

Red, White, and Blue

If you and your loved ones would like to celebrate your special day in a festive way, a red, white, and blue color scheme is perfect!  With a Fourth of July color scheme, you and your future spouse will share fireworks on your summer wedding day.

red white blue wedding color scheme
marigold and red wedding color scheme

Marigold and Red

For couples that want their wedding color scheme to be as bright as their future life together, try bold colors like marigold and red.  These orange and red hues come together to make a wedding color scheme that is exciting and momentous.

Tiffany Blue and Pistachio Green

If you are looking for a subtle and understated color combination for your summer wedding, try Tiffany blue and pistachio green. This color combination is bright enough to fit a summer wedding, but soft enough for a beautiful and romantic evening.

tiffany blue pistachio green wedding color scheme

Voila!  Four summer wedding color schemes that are perfect for any wedding.  Whether you want something bold or soft for your special day, you and your fiancé will create lasting memories on your wedding day with these color combinations!