Can you believe after months (sometimes years!) of planning your dream wedding it all comes down to a few short hours? In those few chaotic hours tons of moving parts and people are coming together to make your dream day perfect.  One of the best ways to combat the fear of something being forgotten or things running late is to create an extremely detailed schedule shared with everyone involved in the big day, including your wedding party!
Utilizing a schedule of such detail will not only keep your mind at ease throughout the wedding but also give you more time to enjoy the festivities with your guests and handsome groom.  The wedding day schedule should be extremely detailed noting things such as when food will be plated, what time the first dance song begins, and when to expect pictures/videos to be captured.  To execute a schedule of such detail, prior communication needs to be made with all businesses contracted for the wedding day.
Set up meetings in advance with your caterer, cake company, entertainment, photographer, and anyone else involved with the wedding.  This allows them time to coordinate details with their staff and help provide a stress free day and extra time for you  and your guests to boogy on the dance floor! 
However, things happen and you may need to adjust your schedule last minute.  Plan for some wiggle room just in case but make sure to highlight things that must be on time no matter what!  Overall this schedule should be full of detail so everyone is on the same page and you are guaranteed an elegant wedding planned like a professional.  Most important thing to keep in mind is to be flexible with your schedule because, stuff happens, and enjoy your special day!  Everything will fall into place.