Communication is Key

Whenever we see those cute little old couples that walk by us at the grocery store, still holding hands and looking at eachother like they’re newlyweds, we want to ask them how they’re still so happy and sweet after all those years of marriage. Many of them will tell you to communicate.

Communication is key, is how the saying goes and for most people it is something that can be easily forgotten. When we forget to communicate our feelings with anyone, let alone our partner, it can alienate us and make us feel all alone in our struggles. Those feelings will only build on themselves over time and cause you and your partner more harm than is necessary. 

It is easy, however, to feel like the other person should just know that you are upset when, in your head, you so clearly are! But many of us don’t pick up on the subtle sigh or the hurt look as you turn away. Sometimes we need more help to let us know what is going on behind the eyes of our partner. It is important in those moments to take a breath and talk to your partner without accusing them right off the bat with all their shortcomings in the last week.

Remember in these moments of tension that this is the person that you said “I do” to. This is the same person who you vowed to spend your life with. These moments can seem all consuming but they will pass with patient and loving communication. Try to let the joy of your wedding day seep into those moments so that your love for your partner can overtake the strain of the moment. With some deep breaths and active communication on both spouses’ part, there is nothing you two cannot handle.