Color of Love

By Zoe Metcalf 



You may be surprised to learn that the “traditional” white wedding dress hasn’t always been the tradition.  In fact, the white wedding gown rose to favor following the wedding of Queen Victoria in the 1840s.  Prior to that, brides were perhaps a bit more practical.  You didn’t select wedding attire that you couldn’t wear again.  White wedding gowns are most often found in western culture.   Other parts of the world favor brightly colored gowns, deep reds and blues, rich purples and magentas.  



Thinking of something outside the traditional “white”?  You will be amazed at the vast array of colors being worn in weddings today.  Are you a romantic and prefer a soft blue?  Then, don’t be afraid to show that side of yourself in the dress.  Blue isn’t just for the bridesmaids, you know.

What about a flirty soft pink?  Pink has always reflected innocence with a touch of flirtation.  This might be the perfect choice for you and a way to establish it as your signature color.


Of course, there are always the girls that like to stand out in a crowd, let their personality rule the floor, and are willing to announce it in a bright, metallic gold.  There are some beautiful options with wide gold sashes, gold bodices, and gold capes.  



Feel free to explore all the options out there today that might reflect your spirit and bring an element of surprise to the occasion.  We have noticed trends in soft grays, blush, and even black.  Obviously, the door has been opened to any and all colors.  

The dress doesn’t make the bride and there will be no doubt who the bride is, even if she’s not wearing a traditional white wedding gown.  Everything about this day should be about you and your partner-to-be in the most authentic way.  Be bold, be daring, be unique – be colorfully you!