Planning A Cocktail Reception

Receptions are always the highlight of any event.  Music, food, dancing, and so much more really help liven up the crowd.  Here are a few basic rules to remember when planning a reception.

-Make clear on the invitation that you will have cocktail hour by stating “cocktail reception and cake to follow”

-Have app stations set around for guests to get as they please.

-Have hi-top cocktail tables and regular tables as options for guests.

-If you plan to serve food, it’s not cheap, so plan ahead in your budget to cover costs.

-If you don’t want people starving, plan an untraditional reception time of 2pm, just after lunch.

-Have a back up food plan such as pizza, fruit and veggie trays, or something easy that is a crowd pleaser.

-Receptions are much better with music!!  This prevents guests from being bored.  DJ’s can get people up and going if know   how to handle the crowd.

-If you have an earlier reception this will probably save on booze costs as people tend to drink more at night.

    Order of Ceremony

Music Starts
We Get Married
Everyone Parties!!