Cake Trends

Cakes at a wedding are just as classic as wearing white. Although cakes are a classic part of the wedding, it does not mean that the cake needs to be an extravagant and elaborate piece. As we come upon wedding planning for 2023, people are craving a more simplistic and elegant look when it comes to their cakes.

Naked cakes have been a constant in the wedding cake industry for the past couple of years and it is still a strong contender for this upcoming wedding season. Not only is this cake design a simple and understated cake that allows for decoration to be added that uniquely ties in your wedding theme, colors, or personal tastes, but this sleek cake is also  a money saver, and in these times we could all use the extra money in the budget! Less icing = less money on the receipt = more money for other fun things for your wedding. 

For many people the naked wedding cake is nice but maybe not really their cup of tea. Simple yes, but almost too simplistic for some brides on their big day. Luckily there is an alternative to the naked cake that offers the same simplistic style without having little to no icing . In a similar way of thinking, you could also just have a seemingly plain backdrop for your cake allowing the embellishments atop the cake to shine through. And for our icing lovers that simply cannot be beat! 

naked cakes - cake trends

Now that we have the icing out of the way let’s move on to the fun part of the cake: The designs! Some designs that have been popular lately have been flowers, I mean who doesn’t love flowers? The difference that comes into play this upcoming wedding season is the influence of people’s love for dried flowers. This gives the flowers a whole new life while giving you a vintage and classic feel to your cake. More and more brides are choosing to have pressed flowers or even dried sliced fruit adorn their cakes in an homage to their bouquet without having the exact same flowers for both their arrangements and their cake. Not only do these add a subtle difference between the other floral arrangements but they also offer cake decor that can serve up long lasting beauty while your cake sits out at the reception for all to see. You won’t have to be worried about wilting flowers when you’re busy with your first dance or toasting into your bright future.