Creating Your budget checklist

Setting a wedding budget is challenging!  Especially after you’ve gone through everything you are hoping to have for your big day.  However, taking time to do this will help you learn how to effectively manage your money and give you a better sense of peace once you start your lives together. 

Set your numbers

The worst thing a couple can do is start their marriage off in unnecessary debt.  Plan ahead!!  Set your wedding day and start saving.  Decide what’s most important to you and use the process of elimination to help prioritize. 
Whatever number you agree on, stick with it!  Trust your instincts and judgment as a couple.  Here’s a few suggestions on items we feel are of utmost importance when planing your special day. 

the location

This is probably most important as it helps guide the rest of the process. Make sure to ask all event centers if they offer tables, chairs, catering, clean up service and anything else that comes to mind that could make your day flow smoother. This can save you money in the long run to have these things available on site.

the guest list

This can sometimes be the most difficult for the couple. There is no wrong or right, it's simply a matter of preference. Do you want EVERYONE to be at your wedding or just close friends and family in a more intimate setting? Decide as a couple what works best.

The reception

Things to keep in mind when discussing the reception include:
2. DJ or band
3. One or two cakes (wedding and groom)
4. Open bar, BYOB, cash bar
5. Dinner (buffet, several options, servers,..)
6. Decor (simple cost saving DIY projects or exquisite and elegant at all costs)
7. Flowers (real or fake)

be accountable!!

Decide, Plan, & Stick with It!

If you feel like you are drowning in debt with all the expenses you are about to undergo ask friends and family for help.  They might be willing to take over floral arrangements, table decor, signs, or possibly even take pictures or video.  You never know until you ask.  They just want to see you happy and worry free on your wedding day.

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