How not to Plan Your Bachelorette

Coco Dietz

The entire Wedding Season for you and your fiance is all about celebrating with your loved ones the love that you have found and now want to share with those you know and care about.

Each step of the process that you get to celebrate is special and deserves its own recognition. From the engagement to the Big Day take your time to savor each precious moment of your wedding season. That being said, celebrating with your close female friends and the Bridal Party that you are about to be legally bound to the love of your life can be a special stepping stone on the path to matrimony.

Traditionally this is one of those parties where the planning of it is passed off to the Maid of Honor or sometimes to another trusted friend in the Bridal Party as to take some of the stress off planning so many different events off of the already weighted shoulders of the bride. It is important to make sure, as the bride, that you have a clear line of communication when it comes to the planning of these parties.

As every movie including a wedding will tell you some Bridal Parties can get out of hand, that may not be your style or your ideal party with your closest friends. Making those expectations clear about the party that they are throwing on your behalf is important, just because you are not planning the party does not mean you cannot express your expectations and boundaries for this party, it is, after all, about you. When asking your trusted friend or Maid of Honor to plan this event for you, use that time to set out what you are hoping to get out of this experience and some things or activities that might be important to you to be incorporated.

However, finding the balance between being too hands on and not giving your boundaries and opinions is the key to having a successful celebration with your Bridal Party. You do not need to add anything more than you already have, bride. So pass this duty off to one of your friends who would most likely be honored by the opportunity to help in any way they can in your wedding process.