Christmas Vs. Wedding

Weddings are the beautiful gathering of two different families and the uniting of them between a couple in love. While that is a beautiful sentiment, there are many logistics that go into planning that gathering which can make that sentimentality seem more of a backburner priority as opposed to the main reason for the unification.

Large scale weddings make it impossible for every single person marked down on your invitation list to be able to throw rice at you and your spouse when you are leaving the venue. Although picking a time that is best for everyone is nearly impossible, the key is finding the time that works best for the majority. Of course I don’t mean going through your guest list person by person and asking them individually but there are some steps that you could take prior to sending out invitations that could save you quite a bit of headache later. There are just certain items that we should take into account before licking all those envelopes shut.

Thinking of a beautiful, white, crisp winter wedding? Try not to plan around the Christmas holiday. While you will be planning it during a time when many teachers, students, and colleges might have off already, many people will also have plans to visit family. Not only that, but people could get snowed in and miss the wedding because their flight was canceled and will then have to pick between the holidays and the wedding. 

Although the idea of a Christmas wedding is a beautiful thought and maybe that is the right choice for you and your fiance, it is something to bear in mind as your wedding plans continue. Winter weddings are a lovely, icy affair but that does pose a unique holiday and bad weather headache that could arise on your special day. And in West Texas we know more than anyone what a good ice storm can do to a special day.