Wedding Binder Benefits of Having a Wedding Binder DIY!

Coco Dietz

There is a reason why experts suggest giving yourself around a year to plan your wedding. Weddings are a large event to plan, finance, set up and tear down and there are so many different areas that you need to have covered before you can walk down the aisle. Keeping track of all of those different areas and staying on top of those can be a challenge even for the most Type A personalities. With the Wedding Binder you can have a central location for all of your wedding needs and stay on top of your wedding at every point.

Creating your Wedding Binder:

Collect the following items: 1 ½ inch Binder, divers, three hole punched paper, colorful paper or stickers to decorate! 

Once you have all of your items assembled, start sectioning out some paper for each dived area and write down labels for each category in your binder.

These include, but are not limited to:

Guest List/ Seating Chart, Venue, Decor (This section can have subsections if you feel you need the expansion), Flowers, Bridal Party, Bride, Budget, Food/Beverage, Photography, Honeymoon, Invitations (Include Addresses), Music/Entertainment/Speeches, Attire, Rehearsal Dinner, and Wedding Day Schedule. 

Part of the beauty of doing your own Binder is you can add or take away any section that you feel you either need or do not need. If you are wanting a smaller wedding some of these sections can be taken out or combined with another. But no matter if your wedding is large or small, having a wedding binder to keep all of your information in one place so you can access it easily whenever you need will be extremely beneficial in helping you stay on top of all the different aspects that come along with your big day.