Becoming One

Just because you dated two years, were engaged a full year, and have known each other for a really long time, does not mean you know how to connect and appreciate one another as a “married couple.” Connecting under the banner of marriage and walking through this new journey takes some intentionality to connect and grow. It is definitely a “becoming” process.
We have asked some couples who have recently married to tell us how they connected on this new level.

From James and Courtney—
“One of the things that brought us together as a couple was our sense of adventure. We were so tired after the wedding, we fell into a routine. After some discussion, we realized, we needed new adventures, new memories, and making new friends as a couple to cement the new identity we had both acquired.”

From Mark and Georgia—
“Oh! Who knew you would still have to work at staying connected once you were married! However, since we moved to another town far away from both families, we realized that this was the perfect opportunity for us to figure out what we liked as a couple rather than each of us bringing our pre-conceived ideas to the table. In other words, we found a new favorite restaurant that we discovered together, a new lake that neither of us had ever been on, and we purchased our own home together. Those things seem small, but, doing them for the first time together was truly a connecting activity.”

From Kirk and Amber—
“We started going to Flea Markets, finding old pieces of furniture and décor, and then reviving them to place in our home and making them feel like ours. It was fun to do together and we learned a lot about each other’s tastes in décor that way.”