One of the most popular reception trends is to serve bacon!  Crazy we know!  Bacon bars are the new fad and can be incorporated in a variety of ways.  We’ve compiled a sample list that’s sure to leave your mouth watering!


Traditional Bacon Bar

Dessert Bacon!!

1. Bacon on a stick

Poke or wrap bacon on sticks and set them out in jars or lay them on plates. Easy to grab and fun to eat!

2. Bacon twists

Twist the bacon before cooking for a fun look!  You can set them in a jar or on a plate.

3. Caramelized bacon

Adds a different flavor and can be showcased twisted or on a stick!

4. Bacon wrapped _______________


-Little sausages




    You can wrap anything in bacon and your guests will love it!

5. Bacon cheese dip (Just add bacon pieces to your favorite cheese sauce)

Chocolate Dipped Maple Bacon Roses

A beautiful aesthetic. These can become center pieces at the tables when attached to the bacon on a stick.

Maple Candied Bacon

Heart Shaped Bacon

Bacon Rice Krispy’s

Just incorporate bacon bits into the Rice Krispy recipe before you bake!

Chocolate Dipped Bacon

Bacon Bits As A Topping:

  • Brownies
  • Donuts
  • Cupcakes
  • Pretzels