By Madison Rodriguez

In the height of the pandemic, many people are considering outdoor ceremonies for their wedding!  An outdoor wedding ceremony is a perfect way to socially distance while keeping your loved ones close.  Here is a list of reminders for an outdoor wedding so your wedding goes off without a hitch!

outdoor wedding venue

Don’t Forget a Microphone

We have all been to a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony. The floral arrangements are dressed to the nines, beautiful white chairs as far as the eye can see, and a happy couple at the end of an aisle ready to make the commitment of a lifetime.  Oh no!  As soon as they start to say their vows, there is a loud gust of wind and no one can hear the soon-to-be-married pair.  How do you avoid this mishap during your wedding?  Do not fear!  Adding a simple microphone to your outdoor ceremony will ensure that you and your fiancé will be heard by the back row of your audience.

Sun Day

Everyone says sun day- fun day, but the sun is not so fun when it is in the eyes of your guests at your wedding ceremony!  To avoid people squinting at your outdoor ceremony, plan to place your outdoor ceremony on the opposite side of where the sun is shining.  Placing your ceremony in the right place will ensure that your wedding ceremony will be sunny, visible, and picture perfect for your guests!

outdoor wedding venue
outdoor wedding venue

Critter Catastrophe

Mosquito bites are the worst, and no one wants to obtain one while supporting their kin at a wedding.  Getting a company to spray your outdoor venue with bug spray before the ceremony will minimalize the bothersome critters that will inevitably attend your ceremony.

There you have it!  These three tips will ensure that everyone at your gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremony will have a great time!