By Sheyanne Kent

After tirelessly searching to find that perfect person to complete your puzzle, now you’ve finally found the one and you’re eager to put a ring on it.  But are you really ready to take it to the next level by tying the knot?  Let’s go through this brief checklist every soon-to-be husband and wife should review when preparing to become a union.

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The Emotional Commitment

Many couples don’t realize that being emotionally committed to their partner is just as important as the physical bond.  It is crucial to assess the depths and truth in regards to your feelings towards your partner as well as how you relate to each other.

Shared Property

The union of physical property is an important element to note, especially if you’re not fond of sharing.  Becoming comfortable with having to share a home, car, finances and other belongings is very important when deciding to become “one”.

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Marrying the Family

It is believed that when you marry someone, you’re not only marrying them, but also their family.  With that being said, getting to know your future in-laws and building a positive relationship with them can make way for an easy transition into your “new” family.


Are you willing to compromise? When becoming a union, it’s no longer just about you anymore.  You and your partner both have to be willing to come to a cohesive agreement when making decisions and accommodate for each other.

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Unconditional Love

Will you love your partner through thick and thin? When choosing the right person to spend the rest of your life with, you must have a love for them that transcends superficial values and you also must be able to be a backbone for each other no matter what.

Difficult thoughts to contemplate?  YES!  However, taking the time to do this TOGETHER will pay off in the long run as you learn to live as a married couple.