Another List?

Wedding planning seems to be made up of list after list of things needed to provide a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony of your life.  One list you don’t want to forget is the Shot List?  What is that, you ask?  This is a list actually discussed not only between you and your fiancé, but with your photographer.  This is a list of all the expected shots you want taken at the wedding and reception.

Photographers experienced in wedding photography will have a basic list started for you such as family groupings, bridal party groupings, decorated areas, and of course the new bride and groom.  However, there will also be some shots you want to remember such as an open page in your wedding guest book, the bridal party getting ready and relaxing together,  the shoes, the other accessories, and the food and cake tables.

Discussing these “add on” shots is crucial to creating your list because no one’s wedding is alike.  If your wedding is being hosted at a family farm that has been in the family for generations, some of the very specific shots of the location will have more meaning overall than at a rented venue.  In other words, a photo of you and your spouse is made more special under the tree with the swing where you would play as a child.  A photo of your grandparents embracing you on that welcoming front porch is filled with stories for you to pass on to your family some day. 

Other unique and special shots might include photos of certain guests that you rarely get to see, or the bridal party “dressing up” the car while everyone else is dancing inside.

While the standard photos of the father/daughter dancing as well as the mother/son are common; don’t forget to add the photos of you dancing with your brother, or your husband dancing with his grandmother.  More than likely these moments will never come again to duplicate and to have the images saved is truly priceless.

         So, another list?  We say YES!  Take the time to truly think through this list and have a thorough conversation with your fiancé and your photographer about the people, the moments, the emotions you want to capture.  Knowing this is done will save you from even having to think about it during the actual event.  So, go have fun!