A Toast to the Happy Couple

By: Coco Dietz

When planning a wedding, a lot of brides are choosing to look for options that are different and unique, straying away from the typical wedding that you might see. As your creativity grows, so can the cost if you are not careful. Luckily, we have a unique idea for you that won’t break the bank!

Starting either right before the ceremony begins or at the reception, that is up to you, your partner, and the venue, have a bar set up where guests can fill and refill their own drinks throughout the night’s merriment. To encourage the guests to keep track of their glass, have a sign that is near the pile of glasses that tells them to keep track of their drink for refills and at the end of the night they can take it home with them too!

One way to make this a unique and beautiful addition to your wedding is to match the glasses to your wedding colors or theme. Looking around at different thrift stores leading up to your wedding to find glasses that will work for you would be a great way to cut down on the cost and add to your unique flare.

Still worried about the guests losing their drinks? Consider having a print out available for your guests to make with their name! Having a picture of you and your spouse to be cut out into the shape of a circle so that guests can set it on top of their drink with their name written on it can be a helpful tool when looking through the sea of glasses for the one you had at an earlier point during the night!