By Madison Rodriguez

Everyone wants their wedding to be a day they remember for the rest of their lives.  Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate that love than to make your special day unique?  Here are 5 unconventional things to do at your wedding to make your wedding day break traditions beautifully.

White chairs for guests at the wedding ceremony

Circular Wedding Ceremony Seating

We have all been to a wedding ceremony that we couldn’t see the happy couple share their vows due to the particularly tall person sitting right in front of us.  Instead of worrying if your loved ones can see, why not have all of the seating circled around you and your soon-to-be spouse?

Private Last Dance

With so many kin at your wedding day, it can be hard to have a moment with just you and your significant other.  A private last dance is the perfect way to celebrate your love and launch your new lives together.  While guests prepare to greet you on the way out of the reception, take the last dance to slow dance with your forever person.

last dance wedding
wedding couple with dog walking in mountains at sunset. romantic evening in mountains.

Furry Friend First Look

It has been said across generations that pets are man’s best friend, so why not have your first look at your wedding with your best friend?  The first look with your furry friend is the perfect burst of energy and joy to start the best day of your life!

Social Media Moment

The most difficult thing to get guests to do at a wedding is turn off their cellular devices.  Everyone wants to capture a beautiful photo of the newly weds as they are getting married.  Instead of having someone’s loud phone go off during the ceremony, have a social media moment before or after the ceremony.  This is where wedding guests take out their phones for a few moments to snap any pictures, so there are no distractions during the wedding ceremony!  During this moment in the ceremony, lights, camera, action!

Guests with smartphones taking photo of bride and groom at wedding reception outside in the backyard.

From sentimental moments to a seamless wedding ceremony experience, unconventional wedding ideas can turn any wedding ceremony and reception from drab to fab!