By Victoria Jaurrieta

Struggling with what wedding dress you want and what will fit the captivating theme of your summer wedding?  This can be stressful, but let us help you make the process a bit easier.

 It’s 2022!  A year for change and for a mix of traditional and modern styles in your wedding.  As women, we dream about this special day as soon as we started talking.  Most commonly, we dream about our spectacular gown that will make our fiancé sob as we walk down the aisle.  We want to feel the most beautiful and elegant we have ever felt.

This is your day!  So let’s imagine some of these dress trends creating that beautiful feeling to match your expectations.

2022 wedding dress trend

A corset body

This element paired with a ballgown bottom allows the bride to feel like a princess. Hasn’t that always been one of the dreams we had?

Square necklines

This elegant neckline provides coverage and support while showing off your collarbones.  A striking and dignified look for the bride wanting something a little different.


Certainly, the newest trend changes the traditional style of your wedding dress to a bold modern statement. This might end up being a lifesaver for you if you like to dance all night.

Balloon puff sleeves

This whimsical silhouette formed the “Bridgeton” tv show era, has gained tremendous popularity. Can you imagine yourself in this style?

2022 wedding dress trends
2022 wedding dress trend

Plunging necklines

A daring style creates a captivating focal point for brides who are looking to elongate their torso. Truly, this style can make you feel absolutely sexy.

Captivating cutouts

The perfect style for the bride who wants to erase conventional looks and show a little more skin on her wedding day. It can be classy and intriguing as well as stylish.

Mock necks

Offering coverage with bold cutouts to enhance the modest look for any bride. This distinctive look will help you feel elegant throughout the entire event.

Colorful hues

Stepping away from a white gown, designers have pushed these restraints for the desire to give brides more out-of-the-box options. Today’s brides seem to really love adding a dash of color!

2022 wedding dress trend